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Monologue Workshop: Speaking the Text                                                      $380


A positive environment in which to explore, understand and improve technique and to practice being alone on stage with monologues, soliloquies and audition pieces from Shakespeare. Each actor will work on 3-4 monologues.

Learn to uncover the character's physical life and maximize your performance of classical monologues out-loud and on-your-feet!  Utilizing First Folio technique, you'll access the "blueprint" Shakespeare coded within his classical texts, and "suit the action to the word" to make the best gutsy, visceral and organic acting choices. We'll then translate your bold stage performance to a more intimate one suited for film projects, or self-taping endeavors. In this newly reformatted class, you'll also have the opportunity to apply the technique to contemporary monologues.


Admission by interview for new students only.

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