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Summer Shakespeare Intensive - SUMMER 2021


“Technique without Method is boring...but...Method without Technique is embarrassing!”

The workshop series is based on my second book, co-authored with Dennis Schebetta.  These workshops will guide you in creating an in- depth, authentic and original character in telling your story- whether it be Theatre, TV or Film.  


Actors are encouraged to read: WILL POWER How to Act Shakespeare in 21 Days by John Basil and Stephanie Gunning; THE HIDDEN TOOLS OF COMEDY by Steve Kaplan; AUDITIONING & ACTING FOR THE CAMERA by John W. Shepard; and THE INTENT TO LIVE by Larry Moss.


Wednesdays and Thursdays

Monologue workshop begins Wed. June 16, 2021

Advanced Scene Study begins Thurs. June 17, 2021

Limited to 12 students

WEDNESDAYS. Monologue Workshop: Speaking the Text.

Speaking and talking are two different ways of communicating. Everyone talks. Speaking is creative argumentation and imaginative debate. All Theatre, TV and Film scripts are based in the Art of Rhetorical Speaking. In Theatre it is all about the words. In Film and television, it is about the silent moments and reactions surrounding the words.  Is your text a monologue or a duologue? With this technique you will learn how to access the “Blueprint” coded in your role. You will understand how to “suit the action to the word and the word to the action”. This will lead you to make gutsy, visceral and authentic choices.  We will then translate your bold stage performance to a more intimate one suited for film projects or self-taping endeavors. In this newly formatted class, you will discover how to apply this technique to classical, contemporary, TV or Film scripts.


THURSDAYS. Advanced Scene Study.

All the techniques used in the monologue workshop will be applied in the Scene Study Workshop. You will learn the 9 steps to telling a story. All Theatre, TV & Film scripts are character driven. Discover your character’s archetype and how to transform that into a unique performance. The range will cover characters in Commedia del’arte to TV sitcoms You will uncover according to the archetype, what intentions and actions suit the character.  Depending on what two characters are in the scene determines how it is played. For example, in Much Ado About Nothing, it is one thing if it is Beatrice and Benedick, but however, if it is Beatrice and Dogberry there are completely different nuances and connotations. The same applies for any TV or Film script. In Seinfeld, it is one story if the characters are Elaine and Jerry. If it is Elaine and Kramer there are completely different circumstances and outcomes.  This works extremely well in both comedy and drama.  Actors are encouraged to explore classical and contemporary work including Film and TV scripts.



Summer Intensive: $675

Individual Nights: $380

$150 Deposit reserves your space & class materials.

Click here for more information and class breakdown.

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